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About Us

Scrap Metal Services, LLC (SMS) is a privately-held company, headquartered in Burnham (Chicago), IL. Founded in 2005, SMS has grown rapidly through diversification in scrap processing, steel mill services and intermodal truck, container and railcar dismantling, ship and oil rig recycling, as well as trailer leasing operations.

SMS buys new prompt industrial scrap from metalworking manufacturers and steel service centers and obsolete scrap from dealers, peddlers, demolition contractors, railroads, ship owners, trucking and equipment leasing companies.

SMS Mill Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services provides highly efficient and cost-effective scrap management, slag handling and other support services for steel producing mills.

All Star Metals LLC, a subsidiary of Scrap Metal Services, is a world class ship and oil rig dismantling and recycling facility and licensed environmental remediation contractor.

Scrap Metal Services has become a recycling industry leader, committed to responsibly and efficiently serving its customers and the community with integrity and professionalism, in an environmentally safe manner.

Scrap Metal Services, LLC specializes in scrap processing, management, brokerage, and steel mill services to ferrous and non-ferrous suppliers and consumers emphasizing customer service and integrity.

Mission Statement

Scrap Metal Services is committed to our suppliers and consumers by effectively sourcing, processing, and marketing scrap metal for recycling. We actively pursue long lasting relationships by partnering with our customers providing quality service built upon integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We are committed to meeting our employees and customers needs by exceeding their expectations.

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